Handmade Wooden Button Packs

Wooly Moss Roots

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About Wooly Moss Roots...

"It all started with a set of buttons that Jeff (my husband) made for fun. With the attention they received, he made another set. Then he had requests for more. The requests kept coming and he kept making them, and that's how the button-making began. We never set out to start a button business... rather it found us, and now it feels like the most natural fit in the world."

These unique, expertly carved and polished packs of buttons add a special finishing touch to any project. Buttons come in packs of 2 up to packs of 8. A handmade sweater is created with a lot of love, passion, and dedication, it only makes sense to use buttons that were created the same way!


Materials: a variety of beautiful wood with natural oil finish

Size: Sizes range from a little over 3/4" to 1 & 5/8 inches wide

Please keep in mind that buttons are unique and may differ slightly in size or color.

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