Interchangable Needle Case

della Q

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Need a case with a little extra space? Then you've come to the right place! This wallet sized case is perfect for storing a complete interchangeable needle set! It folds in quarters and ties or buttons securely. A zip pocket on the side stores your connectors or tools. This case has fifteen numbered pockets, as well as five additional unnumbered tip pockets,and 4 cord pockets. It includes space for US Sizes: 2 -15 (2.75 - 10mm).

Linen Collection: The biggest collection della Q has to offer is made with linen. Soft, lightweight, and beautifully textured, there are three sets of colors and prints to offer in the Linen Collection, including the Linen and Linen Bright. 

Cotton Print Collection - Fun printed fabric pieced together with contrasting solids on both the outside and inside. Plus a super functional elastic and button closure allow it to easily stretch when stuffed with needles!

Silk Collection - The original della Q silk fabric in lovely solid colors that are paired with a coordinating stripe. Each one closes with a classy silk tie.


Materials: cotton print or poly silk

Dimensions: closed 4" w x 7.25" h, open 15" x 7.25"

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