Book 12: Four Elements


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Take inspiration from earth, air, water and fire...

Malabrigo Book 12 is photographed in rural Michigan - a place where all four elements can be seen working their magic, from lush forests to plentiful lakes, to breezy fields and cozy campfires. It features 16 patterns that play on the idea of the elements of nature using a variety of Malabrigo yarns. Each element highlights different colorways and utilizes the diverse Malabrigo line to deliver stunning shawls, cozy cardigans and even a delightful dress that you'll dream of making! A wide range of techniques is used which makes this a great book for trying new skills. Lacework and cables are charted only, so brush up on your chart reading skills to help you get the most out of this book. 


Featured designers: Melissa J. Goodale, Breean E. Miller, Joji Locatelli, Tori Gurbisz, Terri Kruse, Jenise Reid, Allison Isaacs, Kitman Figueroa, Vanessa Smith, and Kristen Hanley Cardozo 

Yarns: Sock, Mechita, Rasta, Worsted, Silky Merino, Rios, Lace, Rastia, Silkpaca, Finito, and Mecha.

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