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Wee Woollies

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Wild Knits is delighted to partner with Wee Woollies Fiber Arts to bring you the Knitting Lady, an exclusive woollie with a big personality! These needle felted creations are sculpted with roving and barbed needles, with vibrant and elegant color combinations giving them a whimsical feel. We can't get enough of these beautiful figures, and the yarn ball and needles they hold make them the perfect decoration for all knitters. 

About Wee Woollies...

"Audrey Comerford has been needle felting since 2011. What started out as reluctant participation in a high school artist in residence program quickly turned into a small business. Although she did not grow up raising sheep, Audrey learned the importance of agriculture and art from a early age and feels very lucky to be able to blend the two in her craft. She currently works at OSU Extension Service and when she is not doing that, Audrey is felting or taking care of the flock."            -Wee Woollies website


Material: wool, embroidery thread, and stained wood

Size: Approx. 4" tall

Please note: all items are handmade and no two are exactly alike. There may be slight differences between the item pictured and item received.

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