Chunky Wool Beanie Crochet Kit

The Hook Up Crochet Co.

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Crocheting is a therapeutic and beginner friendly craft anyone can do from the comfort of their couch. This kit is also a great gift for that crafty person in your life looking to try something new!

This DIY crochet kit includes everything you need to make the Chunky Wool Beanie Pattern by the talented Jordan of The Hook Up Crochet Co.


This kit includes: 

- All yarn necessary

- Crochet hook

- A hard copy of the Chunky Wool Beanie crochet pattern with easy to follow instructions on how to make as many hats as you'd like

Additional supplies needed: 

- Scissors

About the designer

"My name is Jordan and I am the creator of The Hook Up Crochet Co. I am inspired by vintage fashion and recreate those trends into modern pieces you can wear today. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 8 years old and the craft has stuck with me ever since. The ability to create a finished item from just a piece of yarn and a hook always amazes me."    -Jordan

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