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Smith Teamaker

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Enjoy a nice cold glass of iced tea curtesy of Smith Teas! Steven Smith is a natural born teamaker from Portland, Oregon since 1949. First as co-founder of Stash, then as tea shaman of Tazo, Steve made a worldwide name for himself through his deep understanding of tea—culminating in this, his signature brand, concocted in 2009. Working closely with his wife Kim and a trusted team of teamakers, Steve succeeded in making Smith the most uncommon name in tea—known for a curated line of flavors like nothing else in the world. Have a cuppa with us!

Each bag contains 12 one-quart sachets perfect for your favorite iced tea pitcher. See details below for individual flavor descriptions. 


Ginger Peach Black Iced Tea

A decidedly fruitful pairing of Indian and Sri Lankan black teas, joined with the earthy essence of ginger, peach and nectarine. A perfect pick for all seasons. Deep, rich, rewarding and unimpeachably delicious. Ingredients: Black teas from India and Sri Lanka, ginger root, peach and nectarine natural flavors.

Tahitian Green Iced Tea

Riding a perfect wave of full-bodied Chinese green tea, this fresh taste of paradise lands with a splash of pineapple, peach and vanilla. Votes other tropical teas right off the island. Ingredients: Full leaf green tea from China, pineapple, peach and vanilla natural flavor.

Hibiscus Mango Iced Tea

A bright mango forward infusion of juicy hibiscus flowers, orange peel and smooth rooibos. Caffeine-free for enjoyment any time of day. One sip and everything’s rosy. Ingredients: Hibiscus, orange peel, rooibos, black currant, mango and orange natural flavor.

Lemon Black Iced Tea

The first true love of many a passionate iced tea drinker, this is your classic black tea with lemon—made even more exquisite with a kiss of lemon myrtle. Pucker up. Ingredients: Ceylon, Assam and Nilgiri black teas, lemon myrtle and lemon essential oil.

Blackberry Jasmine Green Iced Tea

A dazzling sapphire blend of premium Jasmine Silver Tip tea, sweet blackberry, orange peel, and mango. The beauty of butterfly pea flower naturally makes it a brilliant blue. Ingredients: Jasmine Silver Tip green tea from China, orange peel, butterfly pea flower, blackberry, mango, and pineapple natural flavors.

Pacific Lemongrass Herbal

This complex and remarkably thirst-quenching caffeine-free infusion of lemongrass and citrus is rounded out by golden chamomile and a pinch of Pacific Northwest peppermint. A natural hit with new tea converts and connoisseurs alike. Ingredients: Lemongrass, chamomile, orange peel, peppermint, red rose petals and orange essential oil.

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