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At Wild Knits we love everything about tea! The wonderful flavors, relaxing rituals, and fun accessories associated with making a cup of tea will convert anyone into a tea drinker. In the spirit of sharing some of our favorite teas with you, we've put together a tea and tea towel subscription box. Every other month you will receive a different tea towel and 2-4 oz of tea from our shop, as well as little surprise. Enjoy the teas and tea towels yourself, save the teas for enjoying with company, give a tea towel to a friend for their birthday...the possibilities are endless! 

Note: photos are only examples of what might be included in a box, not a guarantee! Half the fun is being surprised when you open your box, so you won't know beforehand what little surprise or pattern of tea towel you are receiving every month. These photos are to give you an idea of some of the items we might include. 


Subscription includes:

  • Two to four ounces of tea, depending on the type
  • A patterned tea towel
  • Little surprise gift(s)

Subscription Charge Date: the 4th of every other month

Ship Date: the 8th of every other month, starting January 2023

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