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This complete weaving kit puts all the tools and materials you need at your fingertips, ready to be turned into a one of a kind woven wall hanging. 100% wool yarns and tops combine to create gorgeous color combinations and tactile textures, and the detailed instructions will teach you a variety of simple hand weaving techniques to get you started in this wonderful craft.

The unique pop-up loom is made in the UK from high quality birch plywood. Snap apart the sections, slot together and start weaving! The loom is lightweight enough to work on your lap - perfect for cozy evenings in. Comes with two shuttles and a tapestry needle giving you a variety of ways to weave depending on which you prefer. Use the comb to push down the rows and help make your weaving nice and neat.

Designer Stephanie has sought high and low for the best quality wools and yarns, picking those perfect for hand weaving. Use the smooth but tough cotton yarn to warp your loom before you get started weaving. 

Flick through the ‘Guide to Weaving’ to learn how to get started, different techniques you can use and how to finish and hang your weave. Take inspiration from the full color pattern guide, or get creative with your own unique designs. 


Finished piece - approximately 24x35cm 

There are 3 different color options to choose from - Homespun (natural browns, white and greys), Bumpkin (rich autumnal hues), and Hullaballoo (contrasting fuchsia, green and teal). 

This kit includes:

-Pop-up weaving loom including two shuttles and a comb
-White cotton warp thread
-100% Wool yarn in two colors (100g total)
-100% Merino wool tops (50g total)
-Tapestry needle (this is plastic, but will last for a long time and is safe for little people)
-Detailed 'Guide to Weaving' instruction booklet

-Full color pattern inspiration guide

You will also need:

-A pair of scissors
-A small dab of glue (option to hold the loom together permanently)
-Tea and biscuits (optional!)

-A wooden dowel or similar to hang your weaving from 

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