Wild Knits' First Annual Wild Road Trip Summer KAL

Who wants to go on a road trip???


May 27th - September 6th (Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day Weekend (ish)

General Info

We've created a KAL to bring us together for knitting, sightseeing, friendship and prizes as we knit through the beautiful State of Oregon. 

In going with this year's theme of Explore Your Own Backyard, patterns for this KAL were strategically chosen to take you on a virtual scenic route through the beautiful State of Oregon. There are 8 relatively easy patterns, plus 1 bonus pattern, and you get to choose how many projects you complete and what route your road trip takes. We hope you’ll join us for one, some, or all!!

For every project completed, you’ll receive a gold star on your map AND a raffle ticket. When you complete a certain number of projects, you’ll earn a level and receive a sassy badge plus additional raffle tickets. See below in the Levels section for the breakdown. The more projects you complete, the more chances to win. (The bonus pattern is worth 3 raffle tickets!!) We’ll have multiple drawings throughout the summer and a Grand-Prize drawing mid to late September. We’re also planning periodic knit nights.

Stay in the loop by signing up for our Wild Road Trip KAL email list! Send us an email at wildknitssalem@gmail.com and let us know you would like to receive emails about the KAL.

Patterns, Yarn, and Swag

 Patterns are available through Ravelry, or stop by the shop and we can print them out for you! Some of the designers will be offering discount codes for their patterns, send us an email if you want to purchase a pattern from your Ravelry account and we will send you the discount code. If you want, use these projects as stash busters, or receive 10% off your purchase of yarn and/or needles. 


Interactive Map and Pattern Details


We also have an optional souvenir packet available. This surprise packet is filled with items from PNW artisans, and we’ve worked hard to make sure you’ll love it. The purchase price is $34 and includes 3 raffle tickets!! Purchase it on our website here or stop by the shop, quantities limited!

Road Trip Levels

The following levels will help you set a goal and/or get you motivated for summer knitting. Earn sassy badges and raffle tickets when you complete:

Day Tripper:  1 project = 1 Badge + 1 Raffle Ticket

Weekend Away:  3 Projects = 1 Badge + 1 Raffle Ticket

Family Vaca:  5 Projects = 1 Badge + 1 Raffle Ticket

Glamping Trip:  8 Projects = 1 Badge + 1 Raffle Ticket

Backpacking Trek:  8 Projects + Bonus Project = 1 Badge + 3 Raffle Tickets

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