Bernie's Mittens Kit

Greenwood Fiberworks

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The hand knitted item everyone has been talking about! All of the Bernie mittens memes make our hearts so happy we had to get our hands on a kit, and who better to turn to than Greenwood Fiberworks!

The Bernie's Mittens Kit was designed to pair with the free Ravelry pattern "Bernie's Big Mood Mittens" by Jess Anderson (download the pattern here), and includes four different colors of hand-dyed yarn. There is 100 grams of the medium brown and 25 grams each of natural, taupe, and dark brown. The yardage is more than enough to make the mittens bigger, longer, etc. or just use it for another pattern. The pattern is not included in the kit, but Greenwood Fiberworks includes a sheet of instructions of the minor changes they made so you can knit a pair exactly like theirs. 

The pattern comes in one size and they would be considered a size M/L.  You can alter the size slightly by going up or down a needle size or two.


Yarn: 100% BFL (Aran weight 2 ply), approx. 175 g total
- 100 g medium brown
- 25 g each of natural, taupe, dark brown
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