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From the Ingo Jewelry website...

"The name 'Ingo' was born as a combination of my two first letters from my first and last names. It just sounded good to me and it was simple and short.

I have been addicted to jewelry design from the moment I made my first necklace. I quickly discovered however, that simple beading techniques did not satisfy my need for creation. When I found a wire wrapping jewelry design book 'Bead on a wire' by Sharilyn Miller I knew that was it.  All my life I have been very creative and handy. But in my family my father was the first one who taught me things like knitting and sewing and he always was the one who oversaw my work while my mother was the one who cleaned my creative mess and spent lots of time just watching me. My father was well known for his distinctive metalwork and it was obvious I inherited my handy habits from him in a girly way. Well, until I took a piece of wire in my hands. Then and now I feel a special connection between me and metal. I draw sometimes and then I bend and twist and hammer and drill until I like how it turns out. Being a very practical person, I don't like to waste effort and materials, so there are many times when I create a new design as a result of an unsuccessful or scrapped idea, and many of those “salvaged” pieces become my favorites. My name is Inna Gor and I live in beautiful suburb area of Toronto, Canada."


These unique shawl pins are sure to add elegance, beauty, and the perfect finishing touch to any knitted garment. We have a limited number of these artisan pins in stock. 

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