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Betsy McCarthy

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17 Classic patterns for cozy feet...

In this best-selling knitting guide, Betsy Lee McCarthy offers 17 classic sock patterns guaranteed to keep your feet stylishly warm. Choosing the right material for your project is made easy with plenty of helpful advice on the qualities of different yarns, including what feels best, what holds its shape, and what really lasts. You can also take advantage of fiber substitution charts and make your own creative variations on these timeless patterns. Slip your toes into one comfortable and cozy knit masterpiece after another.


"I’ve loved fiber and yarn since learning to knit at age five. But until a decade ago, I spent most of my time and energy in a 9-to-much-later-than-5-life that was more stressful than it was fun.  A decade ago and far from earned retirement, I left a healthcare career and reinvented myself as a full time, serious knitter much to the shock and wonderment of some of my colleagues and other bystanders.

I now am a knit designer, author, and instructor who has taught at national, regional and local knitting events, including Stitches, the Black Sheep Gathering and Sock Summit 2009. My husband Terry and I live in a condo in Vancouver, WA, with our two border terriers, Mac and Ella." 

-Betsy Lee McCarthy

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