Knitted and Nature Greeting Cards

Katrinn Pelletier Illustrations

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These miniature pieces of art created by the very talented Katrinn Pelletier will give you all the warm sunny feels! Each card is blank on the inside to make room for your personalized message and comes with a kraft envelope. Greeting cards are always handy to have in your stash, as a gift for a knitter to send a kind note to someone in your life. These beautiful watercolor prints also make great additions to home decor! 


Dimensions:  4 1/4'' x 5 1/2''. (10.8 x 14 cm)

Materials: Digital printing on 100% recycled white matte cardboard. Printed in Quebec / Canada

About artist Katrinn Pelletier

My name is Katrinn Pelletier, I am an Illustrator and creative entrepreneur, working and living in beautiful Quebec City/Canada. My inspirations are the little beauties of everyday life, going from knitting to nature and the urbanity that surrounds me. My favorite mediums are watercolor and graphite and as much as possible, the mixture of the 2, on the same surface! Welcome to my creative world!

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