Magnetic Rock Shawl Pins

Rock N' More Accents

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About Michele Powell from Rock N' More Accents...

Michele has always been involved in some form of arts and crafts, especially those that include color and patterns. Her mother taught her to crochet when she was 12, and she learned to knit at 27. Michele was fortunate enough to work at her local yarn shop, and later on to own that shop for several years before closing it. After acquiring some beautiful stones at a fair and deciding they would make lovely shawl pins, she came up with the idea of using magnets as fasteners. After lots of experimentation she came up with a good system, and set out to find more stones. To this day hunting for stones at rock shows is one of Michele's favorite parts of the process. She has since bought a few tools to add embellishments and make adjustments to the stones she collects, and has her own studio in her backyard. Michele can often be found at various fiber festivals chatting with fellow knitters and vendors. 

We love to support our local artist community, and the shawl pins from Rock N' More Accents are true works of art. In addition to beautiful colors and inspiring designs, the construction of these shawl pins ensures they aren't going anywhere! The strong magnets keep the pin in place, so you don't have to worry about them falling off, ever. 


Materials: Rare earth magnets, various stones and fossils

Note: individuals with pacemakers should NOT wear these shawl pins, the magnets are very strong and could interfere with a pacemaker. 

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