Book 14: Mechita & Sock


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Interchangeable yarns...

Mechita & Sock offers you 15 patterns specifically designed for both their Mechita and Sock yarns, which allows you to personalize your project in a multitude of ways. From gorgeous accessories such as hats, mittens and fingerless gloves to a stunning pullover and cardigan, Malabrigo Book 14 offers to challenge your techniques and styles! Charts are provided along with written instructions. Advanced beginner to experienced knitters alike will enjoy this collection!


Featured designers: Wei Wilkins, Laura Zukaite, Yoko Hatta, Jacob Seifert, Julie Turjoman, Karin Fernandes, Laura Zukaite, Cory Ellen Boberg, Debbie O´Neill, Hanna Maciejewska, Anne Jones, Florence Spurling, Jo Allport, Hannah Wallace, and Alexandra Davidoff Studio.

Yarns: Mechita and Sock.

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