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The Moordale Collection from Rowan features fourteen designs by Martin Storey using Rowan’s Moordale yarn. A collection of timeless knits for both men & women, featuring Martin’s signature cabled and textured detail designs. Whether going for a late autumn weekend break, relaxing in your cozy holiday cottage or a brisk winter walk, this collection of wide-ranging knits is perfect for weekend wear.

The 14-piece collection features a snuggly i-cord fringed scarf & shawl, a cabled cowl, cardigan, jacket, and poncho. A snug long-line cowl neck sweater and pocket sweater round out this collection making it a perfect pattern library builder. Some patterns are charted so be sure you're comfortable reading and working from them.  


Taught to knit at junior school, Martin Storey fell in love with the craft at a young age and is now one of the best-known designers in the world. Inspired by his teacher, who saw nothing unusual in passing on a love of needlecrafts to boys and girls alike, Martin remembers his early school years in East Yorkshire with fondness. After working for knitwear company Artwork for 15 years, Martin began working more closely with Rowan, at first designing for the Jaeger brand, which was taken under Rowan’s wing in 1995, before joining Rowan as a signature designer. He has now been with Rowan for 25 years and is involved in every stage of the design process.

Martin can often be found rummaging in charity shops or vintage clothes stores looking for interesting cuff details or embellishments to inspire his own inimitable designs for Rowan. After a lifetime of knitting and designing, Martin is a master at his craft and knows what knitters want. This heritage, together with a fantastic eye for texture and colour, make his garments a joy to look at, to knit and, most importantly, to wear.

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