Needle Felting: 20 Cute Projects to Felt From Wool

Emma Herian

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Unlike many crafts, needle felting is very forgiving to beginners, so there's no excuse not to give it a shot. No matter how much experience you have in crafts or how creative you think you are, needle felting offers endless possibilities. As if by magic, pieces of natural wool can be sculpted simply by stabbing them with special felting needles. The tiny barbs on the needles make the wool denser and denser, so that you can mold it into whatever shape you desire.

  • Needle Felting will guide you through all the basic techniques you need to be able to make the 20 gorgeous projects.
  • Each adorable item has a step-by-step guide with clear photographs.
  • There are also hints and tips to help you make your beautiful needle-felted creations.

Relax into it, have a go and see where it takes you.


Emma Herian has been creative ever since she learned to knit on two pencils at school. Having studied ceramics and plastics at Brighton University, UK, she went on to work for a furniture design company in London. Emma's needle felting work evolved when she was asked to teach the craft at a workshop. Learning about the craft itself first took her love of making in a whole new direction. Emma has written features for Making magazine, and her work was featured on Channel 4's Kirstie's Handmade Christmas.

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