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American Targhee-Columbia wool shines in Shelter, Brooklyn Tweed's versatile 2-ply worsted-weight yarn. Shelter is woolen spun, meaning the fibers remain in a lofty jumble that traps air and offers remarkable warmth and lightness. Once knit, Shelter achieves its full beauty after a wet blocking, as each stitch relaxes and bonds with its neighbors to produce a plush fabric with a halo. It’s ideal for knitting sweaters of every variety, winter accessories, and blankets. Like its fingering-weight sibling Loft, Shelter is fleeced-dyed and blended in 45 heathered colors.

The Targhee-Columbia breed combines the softness and elasticity of finewool Targhee with the robust substance and warmth of mediumwool Columbia. This versatile mingling of wearability and durability makes Targhee-Columbia suitable for next-to-skin wear, outerwear, or heirloom pieces for the home. We source this breed for Shelter, Loft, and Quarry; the woolen construction of these yarns further enhance the fleece’s lofty and warmth-trapping characteristics.

Developed, sourced, processed, spun and dyed 100% in the USA.


Content: 100% American Targhee-Columbia wool (23-24 microns)

Weight: Worsted

Yardage: 140 yards (128 meters)  per approx. 50 grams

Gauge: 5-4¼  stitches to 1" on needle sizes 4½ mm (US 7)-5½ mm (US 9)

Photo and content credit Brooklyn Tweed

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