Smith Teamaker Holiday Loose Tin Trio

Smith Teamaker

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Presenting three bright stars: our soothing Silent Night herbal infusion, bright Morning Bright black tea blend and this season's new roasted green tea blend Ho-Ho-Hoji Chai. All in handsome keepsake tins. No tinsel needed.


Includes the following holiday teas:

1 Tin [3.5oz] Morning Light Black Tea

Awake to a festive gathering of delicious and highly sought-after teas, combining flavorful Ceylons, rich and caramelized North Indian Assams and high-grown Darjeeling teas with rosemary, black currant and a pinch of cassia. Whoa, tannenbaum.

1 Tin [2.75oz] Ho-Ho-Hoji Chai Roasted Green Tea 

For a moment of true delight, we bring you this toasty blend of hojicha and traditional chai spices with a happy hint of chocolate. Very lightly caffeinated, it’s brimming with good cheer.

1 Tin [2.75oz] Silent Night Herbal Infusion

A caffeine-free candy cane in a cup. Northwest-grown peppermint leaves waltzing in a winter wonderland of cinnamon, ginger, and sweet licorice. Tastes especially delightful when the weather outside is frightful.

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