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A color work knitting adventure...

Take a trip outside your knitting comfort zone! Join Tin Can Knits on a journey through colorwork yoke sweaters and a family road trip around Iceland! At the centre of this collection is a ‘design-your-own’ yoke sweater recipe, which will guide you as you create your own colourwork masterpiece. The collection also contains 8 sweater designs and 4 accessories too!

Pull out those needles dive into your stash, you’re going to be knitting yokes for days! These delicious and fun knits are sized for the whole family, from baby through both women’s 4XL and include men-specific sizing too.


Alexa lives in her hometown of Port Moody, Canada with her partner Gary and three kids: Hunter, Jones and Bodhi. With a background in teaching and photography, she brings a discerning eye and a creative flair to Tin Can Knits.

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Emily lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, with her partner John and kids Max and Neve. With a background in architecture, she brings her clear design sense and project management skills to Tin Can Knits.

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