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The art of needle felting is not only a fun new way to work with wool, but the basics are easy to learn! The idea is to use sharp slightly barbed needles to agitate raw wool (or roving) so it shrinks down and sticks to itself, allowing you to mold it into different shapes like little fiber sculptures. These delightful kits contain everything you need to make beautiful and fun woolen creations, no wires needed! Easy to follow instructions with photographs guiding you through each stage.

Teach yourself the calming craft of needle felting with our Barn Owl needle felting kit. If you’re a needle felting beginner, let our detailed step-by-step instructions guide you, showing you how to turn the fluffy British wool into a wool sculpture you can be proud of.

This kit will take the average beginner about 6 hours to make, offering a wonderful way to relax over a rainy weekend or each evening on the sofa. Once you’ve completed one of our needle felting kits, you will have all the basic techniques and skills needed to continue with this therapeutic craft.


Each box contains:

  • Core Wool
  • Wool from different sheep breeds for exterior (wool type varies by kit)
  • 3 Different Sized Needles
  • Needle Case
  • Detailed 8 Page A5 Booklet Instructions with photos of each stage
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