Class List


Folk Flourishes Class

Date: Saturday, June 22, 10:30-12:30 
Teacher: Krista West
Cost: $35 which includes Folk Flourish kit (see details below) 

Spend the morning learning to embellish clothing/household items you already own with beautiful cross stitch folk embroidery! Designer Krista West of Avlea Folk Embroidery will teach her Folk Flourishes technique, allowing you to embellish a garment in just a couple of hours! Class fee includes your choice of Folk Flourish kit (Garden, Woodlands, Seaside or Geometrics). You'll need: a garment to flourish (lightweight cotton or linen woven fabric, or a muslin tote bag), small scissors, a seam gauge or ruler, and a pair of tweezers. The kit includes enough supplies to embellish 6-8 additional projects so you'll have gorgeous flourished items in your closet in no time!

(Geometrics kit pictured)








Beginning Crochet Classes

Date: Call or email to schedule
Teacher: Carol May
Cost: $55 or  $40 if supplies are purchased at Wild Knits


Beginning Knitting Classes

Date: Call or email to schedule
Teacher: Jane Wilde
Cost: $55 or  $40 if supplies are purchased at Wild Knits

Instead of an actual class, we are offering Beginning Knitting Sessions. Since everyone learns differently, you can set your own pace. These are small, low-key sessions, allowing you to get individualized help and ask plenty of questions. Also available for groups up to four.  

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