Simpson & Vail Loose Leaf Oolong Teas

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We love everything about Simpson & Vail's teas! These oolong loose leaf teas are blended and flavored in-house in small batches. This ensures that you will receive only the freshest, most flavorful teas possible. Its starts with quality oolong teas and then enhancing your tea drinking experience by adding high quality flavors and herbs, spices or flowers. Each tea flavor comes in a 4oz tin customized with ingredients and steeping directions. See details for individual descriptions. 


Rose Kissed Jasmine Oolong Tea

Enjoy the light floral bouquet of this spectacular combination of jasmine and rose petals. The tea brews to a light ecru cup with long green leaves and rose petal accents. Ingredients: Oolong tea, rose petals and jasmine blossoms.

Pink Passionfruit Oolong Tea

This Passion Fruit Oolong is a winner! The earthiness of the oolong base is in perfect harmony with the tart fruitiness of hibiscus and the sweet taste of natural passion fruit. It brews to a rosé colored cup with a heavenly aroma and a sweet, fruity taste. Try it hot or cold - you won't be disappointed. Ingredients: Oolong tea, organic hibiscus flowers, rosehips, malva flowers, natural passion fruit flavor and raspberry pieces.

Creamy Toasted Coconut Oolong

A perfect tea for afternoon enjoyment! This delightfully light tea brews to an ecru color and has the taste of baked goodies with an undertone of an earthy oolong. The rich, exotic aroma is accompanied by the smooth, delicious taste of coconut macaroon with vanilla accents. Great hot or cold. Ingredients: Oolong tea, cacao nibs organic, organic coconut pieces, vanilla beans, coconut macaroon flavor, blue cornflower petals, and vanilla flavor.


This Jasmine tea, from the Fujian Province in China, is a scented oolong tea with a delicious jasmine flavor. The medium size tea leaves brew to a pale ecru cup with a strong jasmine bouquet. Jasmine teas are delicious combined with curries and spicy foods, poultry, meat, fish, fresh fruit, custards, and more. Ingredients: Oolong tea, Jasmine flavor.

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