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We love everything about Simpson & Vail's teas! All these black loose leaf teas are blended and flavored in-house in small batches. This ensures that you will receive only the freshest, most flavorful teas possible. Its starts with quality black teas and then enhancing your tea drinking experience by adding high quality flavors and herbs, spices or flowers. Each tea flavor comes in a 4oz tin customized with ingredients and steeping directions. See details for individual descriptions. 


Apple Sage Black Tea

The taste of sweet apple and fragrant sage blend together wonderfully. The amber colored cup offers a depth of flavor that is warming and refreshing at the same time. This tea complements foods such as hard cheese, salads, sandwiches, fruits and more. Ingredients: black teas, apple pieces, natural apple sage flavoring and blackberry leaf.

Ginger Pear Black Tea

The subtle taste and aroma of pears is paired with the warm flavor of ginger root. The resulting blend brews to a deep amber cup that is fragrant and fruity with light ginger undertones. Ingredients: black teas, flavoring, ginger root pieces and marigold petals.

Orange Spice Black Tea

Oranges blended with spices has always been a favorite combination of flavors, and in this black tea blend they are in perfect harmony. Teas from China and Sri Lanka are mixed with orange peel and natural orange spice flavor to produce an amber cup with a heavenly taste and aroma. Ingredients: black teas, orange peel, and natural flavor.

Lilac Bouquet Black Tea

Simpson & Vail created this floral tea so that lilac lovers can enjoy the amazing aroma of lilacs at any time of the year. This tea blend brews to a deep amber cup with a fragrant taste that leaves a delightful flowery aftertaste on the palate. Ingredients: Black teas, erica flowers and lilac flavor.

Forget-Me-Not Black Tea

A delicious mélange of Blackberry, Jasmine and Rose flavors meet in this black tea blend. This tea brews to a deep amber cup with fruity, floral tastes that perfectly complement each other. Enjoy it alone or with just a touch of sweetness to highlight the exotic tastes of Spring and Summer. Ingredients: black teas, blackberry leaves, jasmine blossoms and forget-me-not flavoring. 

Violet Black

Violet flavor, added to our black tea blend, produces a deep amber cup that is wonderfully fragrant. This tea tastes like springtime in a cup! Ingredients: black teas, violet flavor, and malva (mallow) blossoms.

English Breakfast

English Breakfast teas are offered by many companies, but they're all vastly different blends. Simpson & Vail's English Breakfast tea is a blend of teas from Taiwan, Sri Lanka, India and China, and was formulated to accompany a hearty breakfast. These medium sized leaves produce a copper liquor that has a bright and fragrant cup. The tea is smooth and full-bodied with a malty aftertaste that stands up to a splash of milk or lemon. Ingredients: Black and oolong teas.

Irish Blend

This blend of Indian teas, mixed with a dash of our Earl Grey blend, brews to a bright copper cup. The taste is full-bodied and robust with flowery notes. Ingredients: Black teas and natural bergamot flavor.

Creamy Earl Grey

This variation of an Earl Grey blend has rapidly become a best seller! The tantalizing, heady aroma of this blend and the smooth, creamy flavor that lingers on the taste buds creates a delicious sensory delight. Earl Grey tea is a favorite with bakers in many culinary recipes. It goes especially well with cakes, cookies, confections and any recipe with chocolate! Ingredients: Black teas, natural bergamot flavor, and vanilla flavor.

Highland Morn'

This tea is an interesting blend made to "jump-start" the day! The medium, black, twisted leaves brew to a rich amber cup with a brisk malty taste and a subtle sweetness. This morning tea, with its sweet fragrant smell, evokes images of fields of wildflowers growing on hillsides in the summer. Ingredients: black teas and cornflowers.

Apple Cinnamon French Toast

Apple and cinnamon goodness with a hint of maple flavor. The aroma is pure lazy Sunday morning. Breakfast on the griddle, hot tea in your hand, your favorite book waiting to be read. The sweet apple and the heady cinnamon flavors dance on your tongue, while the rich maple taste offers the base note in this amber colored cup. Ingredients: black teas, apple pieces, organic cinnamon pieces and apple cinnamon French toast flavoring.


Delicious, sweet, heavenly apricots originated in China thousands of years ago. Their cultivation spread through the Persian Empire to Europe and then finally to America, specifically California where they thrive today. Related to peaches, apricots are smaller with a smooth skin, not the fuzziness associated with peaches. Apricots, when ripe, have a sweet, tangy flavor that is truly delightful. This tea brews to a bright amber cup with a sweet smell. It is a well balanced cup, where the underlying tastes of the black teas come through and merge perfectly with the sweet Apricot taste. Ingredients: Black teas, marigold petals and apricot flavoring.


Chai Masala (Spiced Tea) is a tea blend with origins in India. It is traditionally a mix of black tea and spices that is steeped in milk with sweeteners added to it. This Chai blend is formulated to brew in less time than when making traditional Chai. For this tea we have blended black teas with spices and added natural flavor to enhance the spiciness inherent in Chai Masala tea blends. This tea brews to an amber cup with an exotic spice aroma and taste. Ingredients: Black teas, organic cinnamon pieces, organic anise seeds, organic cloves, organic cardamom pods, natural cinnamon flavor, natural nutmeg flavor, natural ginger flavor, and natural clove flavor.

Birthday Cake 

Simple and scrumptious! This tea resembles a classic vanilla birthday cake mix. With the aroma of sweet buttercream frosting and the taste of creamy vanilla cake, it will bring back favorite birthday memories and hopefully create new ones! Ingredients: Organic green rooibos, birthday cake flavoring, raspberry pieces, marigold petals, and malva flowers.

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