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We love everything about Simpson & Vail's teas! All are blended and flavored in-house in small batches. This ensures that you will receive only the freshest, most flavorful teas possible. Its starts with quality black, green, white, and herbal teas and then enhancing your tea drinking experience by adding high quality flavors and herbs, spices or flowers. Each tea flavor comes in a 4oz decorative tin. See details for individual descriptions. 


Almond Sugar Cookie

Heavenly! That's the best word to describe this black tea blend. Part of Simpson & Vail's Dessert Tea Collection, you'll think you're in a bakery when you open the bag and the aroma of nutty goodness wafts out. The brewed tea is divine - with no calories!

Coconut Macaroon Green Rooibos

Coconut Macaroons are a confection made from egg whites, sugar and coconut. This tea version, also part of the Dessert Tea Collection, is smooth and creamy with a heavenly aroma. On a base of green rooibos, this blend brews to a golden cup with a perfectly balanced taste of toasted coconut baked goodness.

Apple Sage Black Tea

The taste of sweet apple and fragrant sage blend together wonderfully. The amber colored cup offers a depth of flavor that is warming and refreshing at the same time. This tea complements foods such as hard cheese, salads, sandwiches, fruits and more.

Ginger Pear Black Tea

The subtle taste and aroma of pears is paired with the warm flavor of ginger root. The resulting blend brews to a deep amber cup that is fragrant and fruity with light ginger undertones.

White Chocolate Peppermint Rooibos 

Enjoy the decadent taste of white chocolate and peppermint in this caffeine free, calorie free herbal blend. The taste of chocolate is present in the first sip and lingers deliciously on the tongue. The mint taste is subtle and refreshing and perfectly complements the chocolate. Treat yourself to a cup of this delicious brew any time of the day or night.

Apple Pie Chai

Apple Pie Chai, a tasty treat not just for the fall! A blend of apple pieces, orange peel, organic lemon grass, organic cinnamon chips, hibiscus flowers, rosehips, organic alfalfa leaf, and natural flavors.

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