MDK Field Guide No. 16: Painterly

Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne

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Modern Daily Knitting Field Guides by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne are fabulous little books with a handful of patterns and fun tidbits that focus on a specific theme and designer. Read on to learn more about the theme and designs in this field guide, sourced from the Modern Daily Knitting website! 

About Painterly

Kaffe Fassett to the rescue! Just when we need him most, the beloved master of color and pattern gives us a new collection of 5 designs to dazzle and amuse us. Early reviews from knitters who have already started these projects? “Lifesaving.” “Euphoria inducing.” “Wildly addicting.” “I thought intarsia was hard. It is not hard.” “So easy! Makes me look so brilliant.” “Great for Zoom call knitting.”

Last fall, knitters got lost in the beautiful world of Field Guide No. 13: Master Class. It has been one of our most beloved Field Guides—an exploration of stripes, as interpreted by the brilliant colorist and artist Kaffe Fassett. For every knitter who loves playing with color, Kaffe’s designs are extraordinarily fun.

Now, we introduce a whole new world for knitters used to working only stranded colorwork. Simple intarsia. These rhythmic, geometric designs are the perfect starting place for knitters who are new to the technique. We include lots of tips and tricks for knitting intarsia, as well as complete charts and clear instructions. Based on early reviews, we believe that knitters are going to love diving into Kaffe’s world.

Patterns Included

Kites Throw

The longer you gaze at it, the more subtleties you discover. The Kites Throw is a stunning project—simple triangles that tumble and turn for a dazzling effect. It comes together quickly because the triangles are large and rhythmic to knit.


The perfect canvas for trying out Kaffe’s geometric patterns. Complete knitting and finishing instructions included. The color play is endless with these cushions. No sofa will be the same once it has a batch of these brightening it up.

Watercolor Cowl

A simple rectangle of vibrant color becomes a cowl with one short seam. Kaffe shows it in two colorways—change the two background colors, and the effect is totally different.

Village Scarf

Absolutely glorious. Kaffe pares cottages down to elemental geometry, and the result is a village we’d all like to live in.

Cityscape Scarf 

Squares combine to form a gorgeous abstract skyline. The large blocks of color make this a perfect starting point for working intarsia.


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