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Simpson & Vail's inspiration for creating the National Park Tea Line was the majesty and beauty of the parks. We love these delicious blends, and are even more excited that Simpson & Vail gives a percentage of sales to help preserve our national parks and to raise awareness for why the parks are so important. With that in mind, 10% of all sales in this is donated to an official non-profit for each of the parks. Each flavor comes in a 4oz decorative tin. See details for individual descriptions. 



The abundance of red rock and the flora found in Zion, such as desert lavender, sage, and elderberry, inspired us to create this bold blend. The deep red colored cup has a tantalizing aroma and brews to a creamy fruit and floral taste.


Inspiration for this tea blend came from the vibrant hues circling the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone. The fruity and flavorful blend brews to an amber cup with a sweet, creamy, prickly pear flavor and an underlying bergamot taste.

Great Smokey Mountains

Experience the grandeur of the Smokies with this great combination of smoked teas and wild berries. The tea brews to a bold, amber cup with the taste of fresh picked blackberries and a faint smoky aftertaste.

Grand Canyon

This blend was created to capture the essence of the majesty and splendor of the Grand Canyon. The dark amber cup has a delicate desert taste with a smooth, sweet, fruity finish. The subtle flavor of prickly pear imparts a lovely light tart, crisp taste.

Rocky Mountains

Relive an exciting hiking adventure in the Rockies with the aroma and taste of this memorable tea. The amber colored cup has a light musky raspberry taste that perfectly complements the pine tree aroma of the sage.

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