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We love everything about Simpson & Vail's teas! All these white loose leaf teas are blended and flavored in-house in small batches. This ensures that you will receive only the freshest, most flavorful teas possible. Its starts with quality white teas and then enhancing your tea drinking experience by adding high quality flavors and herbs, spices or flowers. Each tea flavor comes in a 1 oz tin customized with ingredients and steeping directions. See details for individual descriptions. 


Pomegranate Passion White Tea

Sweet and delicious! This blend of natural pomegranate and passion fruit flavors has a heady, tropical aroma that transforms perfectly into the taste in the cup. This extraordinary pink brew can be enjoyed either hot or iced. Ingredients: White tea, organic hibiscus flowers, marigold petals, malva flowers, natural pomegranate flavor and natural passion fruit flavor.

Strawberry Guava Tropical White Tea

This delicate pink cup is truly scrumptious! Our Pai Mu Tan white tea is the perfect base for the delicious guava and strawberry flavors, with their complex, fruity aroma and full flavor. Delicious hot or cold! Ingredients: White tea, organic hibiscus, Guava flavor, natural strawberry flavor, marigold petals and cornflower petals.

White Ambrosia 

This delectable blend combines a special grade Pai Mu tan white tea, with flower petals and apricot and mango flavors to create a truly exquisite cup! We've tried it hot and iced and, frankly, it's a toss up as to which we prefer most - we love it both ways. The aroma is enticing and mouthwatering and the taste is light and delicate with the fruit flavors tasting fresh and slightly sweet. White Ambrosia was an instant hit here - we think you'll also find this to be true! Ingredients: Pai Mu Tan white tea, orange blossoms, cornflowers, apricot flavor and mango flavor.

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