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We love everything about Simpson & Vail's teas! All these green loose leaf teas are blended and flavored in-house in small batches. This ensures that you will receive only the freshest, most flavorful teas possible. Its starts with quality green teas and then enhancing your tea drinking experience by adding high quality flavors and herbs, spices or flowers. Each tea flavor comes in a 4oz tin customized with ingredients and steeping directions. See details for individual descriptions. 


Celtic Cream Green Tea

In honor of the Emerald Isle and St. Patrick’s Day Simpson & Vail have blended a delightful green tea with Irish cream flavor. The emerald green liquor complements the unique smooth & creamy flavor. Warm up with this healthy good tasting tea. Ingredients: green tea and flavoring.

Spring Blossom Green Tea

To honor the first bulbs and plants popping up through the recently frozen earth, Simpson & Vail have created a Spring Blossom blend. This tea is made with green tea and colorful flowers with the subtle, sweet taste of passion fruit. It's beautiful to behold and absolutely lovely to drink! Enjoy a cup while you plan all your upcoming landscaping projects. Ingredients: Green tea, Rose petals, Mallow blossoms, Safflower, Marigold petals and passionfruit flavoring.

Island Peach Coconut Green Tea

This refreshing blend of green tea with fruit flavors and flower blossoms has a light taste that is invigorating and unique. The peach notes are more prominent in the foreground while the coconut macaroon flavor lingers deliciously on the tongue. Ingredients: Gunpowder green tea, papaya pieces (papayas and sugar), coconut macaroon flavor, orange blossoms, safflowers and peach flavoring. 

Lemon Ginger Green Tea

Our lemon ginger tea is a blend that combines natural lemon oil and organic ginger root with green tea from China. The pale, delicate green cup has the comforting aroma of lemons and the warming spiciness of ginger. When your day needs a little zing, try this perfectly balanced Lemon Ginger tea blend. Ingredients: Green tea, organic ginger root pieces, and natural lemon flavor.

Mango Green Tea

Mangoes are a tropical fruit with a fresh, delicious, succulent taste. This green tea blend brews to a light, delicate cup with a heady aroma. The taste is fresh and sweet with an underlyng green tea taste. Heavenly! Try it hot or iced. Ingredients: Green tea, mango flavor and marigold petals.

August Peach Green Tea

Peaches have a delicate, intoxicating aroma and a heavenly taste. The peaches grown later in the season, in August and September, have a sweeter more delicate peach taste. This green tea blend has the underlying taste of a sweet, Chinese green with the refreshing taste of sweet peaches. Summer tastes all in one cup! Ingredients: Green tea, marigold petals and august peach flavoring.

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